The programme involves one 30 minute lesson per week. Lessons are given by a trained facilitator at the school. A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 learners per class.

Hockey, Netball, Cricket and Soccer kids are private extra mural activities offered for all children aged between 3-10 years at pre-primary as well as primary schools.

These programmes concentrate on Hockey, Netball, Cricket and Soccer based skills. This includes physical and motor-skills in a safe and educated environment.

These programmes are specially formulated to enhance skill development through fun, positive, energetic and enjoyable exercises, training and games.

Living ball kids sessions are structured in such a way that the children develop social and team skills in a stimulated environment.

We strive to Give Children Hope through sport.

If a child hopes, he/she will have a dream and then they can reach their full potential.

G = God

C = Christ

H = Holy Ghost


Our objective is to develop sport in all communities and cultures, maintaining a gender fair approach. We strive to develop motor-skills and safety techniques, which form the base of all future sport players. Our primary goal is the holistic development of the learner within the sport milieu. We encourage the learner to develop a passion for the game and a healthy respect for the safety and human dignity of all participants.

Trained and informed facilitators will develop individual’s sport skills, concentrating on safety and adding elements of fun to create a unique learning experience.

Our vision is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all over the world, using the ‘Living Ball’ as a tool – where each ball becomes a symbol of hope.

The Benefits

Here are the main benefits of Living Ball Kids

Structural Curriculum

Skill Development

Personal Development

Sport specific skills through fun activties

Biblical Principles & Lessons

Sport Days

Living Ball Kids In Action

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